We have a diversified list of Bible subjects I teach on available to listen or download via our website in MP3 format.
Below you will find a brief description of the subjects that we cover:



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In November of 2014 we made major revisions to our site.
Any MP3 files with EM or FH or GC after the titles
were previously under Evident Mercy, Fathers House or Grace Chapel.
Programs that do not have these letters are new material.
The TV programs are in sequence by numbers. 3 & 4 are TV programs #3 & 4, etc.
All TV programs are available on YouTube under the same numbering system.



These teachings prove that it is God’s will to live to be at least 120 years old and in good health.
See Psalm 91:16.



These teachings bring out the facts that walking in God’s love is the foundation of being a Christian. We prove that faith won’t work without it.
See Galatians 5:6.


Meditating and saying God’s word:

These teachings show us to always say what God has said about it and the benefits thereof.
See Mark 11:23.


Rejoicing, Praise, and Thanksgiving:

These teachings show us that we are to rejoice always and the benefits of doing so.
See Philippians 4:4.


Led of the Spirit:

These teachings show us we can expect to be led by God’s Spirit in all matters of this life.
See Romans 8:14


Devine protection:

These teachings show us how we can be protected from harm and sickness in all situations.
See Psalms chapter 91.


Faith in God and in His word:

These teachings show us the importance of growing up in our faith walk so we can get our prayers answered.
See Hebrews 11:6.


Divine healing:

These teachings show us that it is God’s will for everyone to receive the healing that He has already provided.
See 1 Peter 2:24


Sinning Saints:

These teachings show us that by God’s help we can live above sin in our lives.
See Romans chapter 6


The Holy Spirit:

These will be teachings on the Holy Spirit.
See acts 2:4.


Jesus And The End Times:

These teachings will be varied aspects of the return of Jesus and the end times.
See Matthew chapter 24.



These teachings will cover the aspects of prayer.


Miscellaneous teachings:

These teachings cover a variety of other subjects that will help us in our Christian walk.
See 2 Timothy 2:16